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Made to improve and ease your daily development experience.

Inspect HTML and CSS by just hovering over the element. No need to open dev tools.
Color Eyedropper
Pick colors from anywhere on the page, even from images and iframes.
Extract images, svgs, videos, pdfs and lottie animations from any page.
Responsive Viewer
Preview any site on multiple devices and resolutions. This site was tested with it.
Clear browsing data or inject persistant HTML with one click.
Optimise your site for search engines with our SEO tools.
Site Stack
Get insights on the tech stack of any site. What CMS, frameworks, libraries and plugins are being used.
Showcase your site or communicate bugs with your team with our innovative screenshot tools.

Hover to Inspect, Click to Edit

Hoverify's Inspector makes it radically easy to inspect any site by hovering over the element. Testing changes on the fly has never been easier.

Pseudo Classes. Don't miss any styles. Inspect pseudo elements and classes.

Media Queries. Inspect and edit styles for all screen sizes and animations.

Visual Editor. Style elements visually with our powerful visual editor in realtime.

Live Editing. Edit HTML, styles, media queries, and animations in realtime.

Syntax Highlighting. Code is syntax highlighted for better reading and editing.

Export. Copy or export whole component with children to CodePen.

Not enough for you? Inspector can do more.

Edit Copy

Check how different copy looks on your page by editing element's content in realtime.

Hide or Remove Elements

Debug page structure by hidding or removing elements.

Color Palette

Get every color from the page.

Font Viewer

Know what fonts each tag is using.


Find element through tag name, id or classes. Even with css selectors!


Visually see padding, margin, border, and size of the element.

Color Eyedropper

Spot, Point, and Select Colors

Pick colors from anywhere on the page, even from images and iframes.

Responsive Viewer

Preview on Multiple Devices

Check how your site looks on different devices and screen sizes right in your browser, no third party required. This site was tested with it.

Save Time.Test your websites on multiple devices under multiple conditions in parallel.

Mirrored Interactions.Click or scroll on one devices and other devices will follow.

Manage Devices.Add new custom device profiles to fit your needs.


Extract all the assets in one place

Stop searching through code to save images, videos, SVGs, PDFs, and Lottie animations, even those embedded in backgrounds.

IFrames.Extract assets from iframes and hidden elements. No valuable content is overlooked.

Sort.Filter and sort assets by type, size, and format. Find what you need quickly.

Save All.Zip and save all assets in one click. No more manual downloading.


Optimize your site for search engines

Quickly analyze meta tags, links, headers, and HTML elements to improve your site's visibility and search engine compatibility.

Meta Analyser

Ensure your meta descriptions, keywords, and robots tags are perfectly tuned for SEO.


Check all internal and external links for integrity. Detect broken links, and redirect issues.


Organize your H1s through H6s improving readability for both users and search engines.

HTML Semantic Elements

Enhance search engine understanding, ensuring your content is tagged correctly.


Take stunning screenshots of any website

Showcase full webpage or just any part of it with our screenshot tools. Save screenshots in JPEG, PNG, WEBP, or PDF format.

Visible Part

Capture the visible part or the viewport of the page in high resolution.

Full Page

Capture the full page and showcase the entire page in one image.

Select Area

Click and drag to select any area of the page to capture.

Select Element

Capture any component on the page by clicking on it.

Meet Hoverify users

Hoverify enhances the development experience and productivity for thousands, enabling the creation of exceptional products and services.

Mike Oliver

My go-to browser extension when building websites. Support is amazing and very responsive.

If you're having issues with the new version just reinstall the extension, it's that simple.

David McElligott

love this extension, latest update had a minor bug but was fixed very quickly by dev. Has been super reliable for us at nearly a daily use.

Rahul Singh

Awesome Tool for Developers and Web Deisgners, Everything in one sorted place with this lighweght extension. I have been using it since 2 years now I guess and always helpful

Madhu Menon

Found an incredibly useful web design / development tool called Hoverify. Allows you to inspect elements on any site, copy styles, show grids, check on different viewports, grab asset lists, hide elements, and a whole lot more.

Ecom Queens

Incredible app for web designers! Wow!! I'm really impressed, it combined a ton of other tools I was using. So happy I found this.


Hoverfy has been very useful to me. The founder is responsive and just let out a new update so if some of you were having issues, go uninstall the extension and then reinstall it and you'll be fine. Thank you for a great app.

Fajar Siddiq

I've been using Hoverify for months now. I'm glad to see how it started from the beginning. Is very useful, i love the product. I'm impressed so many things i can do with it. Congratulations Himanshu!

Michael Andreuzza

been playing with @hov3rify almost the whole day pure joy. This lovely tool is gonna help you a lot when inspecting CSS...love it

Terri Tutich

As a website developer, this plugin has so many handy features. One of my favorites is the ability to quickly take full page screenshots very easily, and the inspector tool and color selectors I use very often. There are lots of other different extensions or browser functions that offer these, but I love that everything is all in one place and consistent across different browsers and devices. Highly recommend.

Muhammad Alfin

super functional for daily-website job


Don’t waste anymore time. Get your hands on Hoverify now and let it do its magic.

Yearly Subscription

Billed yearly
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  • License for 3 activations
  • Unlimited websites
  • Chrome Brave Edge Firefox
$30 USD

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any other questions - please get in touch

Do you offer a trial version?

As of now, we don't provide any trial version of Hoverify. However, we have a 14-day refund policy.

Can I activate my license key on my work and home computer?

Yes, one license key can be activated in 3 browsers simultaneously. If you want to start it on the fourth browser, then you have to deactivate it from the previous. You can manage your license keys with our Dashboard.

What browsers are supported by Hoverify?

Hoverify supports Chrome, Firefox, and Chromium forks like Brave, Edge, etc. Please note that the Firefox version is experimental and may not contain certain features.

Please feel free to contact us if your browser is not listed or you have any doubt regarding support.

Do you collect my data?

The extension needs an internet connection to check your license once. Everything else is working offline. We don't collect any data other than your name and email.