Tuesday, July 2, 2024


  • Firefox support.
  • Inspector: Show the size and dimensions of the image/video in the inspector window.
  • Inspector: Added option to download image/video.
  • Inspector: Added DOM navigation back with proper UI.
  • Inspector: Added CSS Box back.
  • Inspector: Added Guidelines back.
  • Inspector: Added Grids back.
  • Debug: Added Custom code tool.
  • Settings: Added option to reset the extension storage.


  • Fixed the issue where Color Eyedropper would close when playback was toggled.
  • Fixed the issue causing the Inspector to fail to start.
  • Fixed the issue causing the Inspector to freeze when the border color had multiple values.
  • Fixed the issue displaying Lottie animations twice in Assets.
  • Fixed the issue in Responsive where users were not able to add new devices.


  • Auth: Proper filtering to activation name.
  • Made tools in the popup that can be clicked distinguishable from tools that can't be clicked.

Introducing v4.0.0

Wednesday, April 17, 2024


  • Written from the ground up with new UI/UX.
  • Inspector: Added visual editor.
  • Inspector: New style editor with the ability to disable or enable properties.
  • Inspector: Added element position in the inspector window.
  • Inspector: Added option to save the element in a file.
  • Inspector: Added options to add or delete attributes.
  • Inspector: Added option to edit the Inner HTML of an element.
  • Inspector: Fonts and Color palette show information for IFrames.
  • Color Eyedropper: Added CMYK and HSL values to the color picker.
  • Assets: Added filters to sort assets.
  • Assets: Added support for IFrames.
  • Assets: Added downloader for saving all the assets at once.
  • Assets: Added option to copy the name and URL of the asset.
  • Responsive: Added new devices.
  • Responsive: Added new emulation options with device frames and OS.
  • Responsive: Added new panel mode to check intermediatory states.
  • Responsive: Added options to enable or disable view and synchronization properties.
  • Debug: Added history and download options in Clear browsing data.
  • SEO: Added filtration options in Links.
  • SEO: Added Headers tool.
  • Capture: Added 'Select element' capture.
  • Capture: Added option to save screenshots in WEBP.
  • Site Stack: Added WordPress support.


  • Improved way to quickly toggle inspector, color eyedropper, and assets.
  • Divided tools in 'Debug' and 'SEO' for better differentiation for current and upcoming tools.
  • Inspector: Improved style calculation with correct specificity.
  • Inspector: Show media queries in effect first.
  • Inspector: New way to edit element's attributes.
  • Inspector: Better support for IFrames.
  • Inspector: New way to add/remove elements.
  • Inspector: Improved Fonts by only showing fonts that are rendered.
  • Color Eyedropper: Improved accuracy of picked colors.
  • Assets: Window is now injected into the page giving much more space.
  • Assets: Improved image extraction with 'srcset' support.
  • Assets: Lazy loading for better performance.
  • Responsive: Better device size calculation with or without emulation options.
  • Responsive: Better UI for managing and ordering devices.
  • SEO: Meta only shows information relevant to SEO.
  • SEO: Better UI for Links.
  • Capture: Improved UX across all the capture tools.
  • Capture: Improved PDF and ZIP generation.
  • Capture: Screenshots are properly divided to prevent crashes.
  • Site Stack: Improved exports to JSON.
  • Site Stack: Improved UX.